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The definition of a Paradigm Shift is: an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.  My Paradigm Shift came after working in outside sales in the corporate world for over seventeen years.  I realized I'd spent YEARS of my life sitting in traffic and working out of coffee shops, restaurants and my car.  I questioned if staying in my line of work was the right path for the rest of my career.  I started noticing coworking spaces around the city, but nothing near my house or sales territory here in Dacula.  I loved the concept of having a place to go and be with other remote workers without the noise of public spaces or distractions at my house.  When I was working from home, I found myself not only asking my dogs for work advice, but constantly diverting my time to household tasks.  I wanted to have a place that I could escape the distractions and isolation of my house and become more productive.  I was inspired by God to open a place where remote workers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales people, and continuing education students have a secure space to work and feel like they belong to our local community.  If you work from home but feel disconnected from other humans, we can help! If you find your work or study being interrupted by children, housework or your better half, come experience our amazing space made for you!  For about the same price as your daily coffee shop habit, you can become a member (we have great all you can drink complimentary coffee too).  If you want to experience a 'Paradigm Shift' in your life, come by and join our community!  Make us 'Your Work From Home Office'.


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