The mass school and business shut down and loss of revenue has affected nearly everyone in some way at this point.  We’ve all been overwhelmed with information and misinformation about the not so predictable future.  Some of you are asking how do I get through this with my businesses (and sanity) in one piece?  The answer is perspective.  You can’t change the masses mindset and behavior.  Being able to shift your individual situation to sustainability and continue to build your brand through community support and online presence during this downtime is key.  Not only should you keep your customers updated with any current changes, but also anything you are aware of that may possibly happen.  Being proactive with information shows your customers that you care about them and want them to know you are working ahead to resolve any issues you have control over.

Using societal fear to promote your business may lead to a negative business image.  Great businesses are built on sincerity and people connecting to a feeling they experience while purchasing your products or services.  The majority of people will see through your selling through fear-based promotion negatively.  Instead, if you can think of creative ways to help customers and your community with your business during this time, you can build a positive image for your brand organically. We all know word of mouth is the best marketing money can’t buy.  By supporting the community and your customers’ needs during this time you will gain a reputation of being a genuine business that cares.

If your business is based on networking, trainings, workshops and seminars there are online services like Zoom, WebEx and GoToMeeting you can use as an alternative.  We have a Polycom system here at Paradigm that allows you to host virutal meetings for up to 150 people.

Project positivity! Try not to over post or send too many email blasts about irrelevant content.  Be proactive with information that’s pertinent to your customers and employees and your business will gain long term loyalty.

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