How to Continue to Successfully Work Remotely

As the state slowly opens and we return to the new normal, many find themselves continuing their remote work from their homes.This change leaves some people feeling happier for their new remote work life and others feeling isolated and depressed.By now you have realized that you’re grateful for not having to commute and love spending all day in your new ‘pajama business casual wear’ and having more time personal time, OR you’re unhappy with the lack of human interaction, your newly acquired ‘COVID-10’ lbs., countless hours on social media, zoom, Netflix and have resorted to locking yourself in a room to escape your family for a few hours. Whatever boat you’re in, one thing most can agree on by now is that they’re completely over hearing about the daily COVID-19 updates, the ever-changing recommendations and other peoples opinions on how they are choosing to move forward. To help you navigate the new norm, here are a few pointers on how to continue to successfully work remotely without losing your mind.

  1. Get out of your house daily.Whether it’s the idea of having to put on pants that’s stopping you from leaving or the threat of COVID-19, the world is reopening and staying in your house all day lowers your immune system and ultimately will make you more susceptible to everything and everyone that comes in contact with you. Just walking around your neighborhood will do if you’re not going “out” yet. Bottom line, time spent in fresh air is good.
  2. Set personal limits. Even in small ways they can make a difference.Examples: I’m not going to have anything to snack on between breakfast and lunch. I’m going to only drink 1 soda per day.I’ll limit my personal technology time to 2 hours of shows/social media per day.Start small with attainable goals and work your way up to bigger goals like I’m deleting my Nextdoor App!
  3. Keep a Schedule.Just like when you went into the office there are so many hours a week you are expected to be working. You’ve already knocked out your commute time so blocking off 8 hours for your full-time job should still be feasible.If you have transitioned into feeling like a 24-hour worker and your company has not set boundaries on work times, you may consider having a conversation with them about respecting your personal or family time.
  4. Dedicate a space for work.Find a place in your house that’s semi-private, not the kitchen table! Having a location that is separate from your busiest rooms will help you and your home distractions have boundaries and know when you are there you are working.If you don’t have the luxury of a separate room for an office OR if your home distractions don’t get the hint and are constantly disrupting you wherever you go, find a local coworking space like Paradigm Workhub in Dacula.  These shared office facilities have everything you need for remote work for a nominal daily/monthly fee.
  5. Write down your goals.Seeing the changes you’d like to implement on a regular basis will drive results.Reward yourself for your accomplishments.

In a University of California Berkley study, it took people an average of 23 minutes to get back to the place of focus they were at before they were distracted. Depending on your income, that time is worth thousands of dollars a year.If you are constantly being interrupted at your home and feel like it’s taking you all day to do what you used to do in a few hours at work, don’t feel discouraged, take action!Shift your habits and find a solution that separates your work and home life. 

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