Last year we found ourselves working remotely and quarantined from society as a whole. As we begin to approach the one-year mark for the COVID lockdowns, I have realized the impact the seclusion had on our professional lives. Not the financial aspect or the businesses that closed, not the balancing of digital learning and Zoom meetings, but the shift from competition to collaboration.

At the beginning of 2020 the goals for our businesses focused on OUR businesses. We had our noses in our books making sure our bottom line was met and we were striving to reach past the competitors. We all watched what they offered and constantly tried to hone our products and services to reach new heights in order to win. Now, as we step into the second month of 2021, more businesses are simply cheering each other on. We are pouring our efforts and ideals into helping each other survive and become successful. Because of this, I am more convinced than ever that collaboration is a way to move forward and achieve success on levels we may have never imagined before.

Although many remote workers find themselves working in our own spaces or even in a shared space, but on our own projects, the successful worker shares information, ideas, opinions and reviews to provide a rounded view of their work. Of course, you can unearth an amazing idea on your own, but shared thinking and inspiration from a team of like-minded individuals will assist you reaching your goal much faster.

Those who study entrepreneurship find that collaboration is just as important as recognition opportunity and even sheer determination. Bringing your ideas to the proverbial table allows for the greater good to win. Seeing the need for and understanding how to collaborate is so important that nearly all classes on entrepreneurship include team-based projects. If entrepreneurs should do it, don’t you think you should too?

As we all thrive in 2021 and plan to reach a common goal, make sure collaboration is a part of your daily work-life. Bringing in new ideas and sharing your thoughts with others will help you reach heights you’d only dreamed of before.
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