March is Women’s History Month. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase the amazing talents of women in the workplace, but what about sharing the TRUTH about owning your own business? There are days when being a boss babe is hard and that is ok.

“Being a woman business owner can be challenging,” says Amber Lott, owner of Paradigm Workhub. “Your expectation of the days accomplishments and reality rarely come to fruition. Add owning a business to your daily ‘to do’ list and you can quickly feel overwhelmed.”

There are countless articles about the beautiful side of business, but what about the overwhelming days that seem to stack up? Working moms see the growing list of “to do” and want to run. Amber shares, “give yourself grace until you figure out how to make all your moving pieces work.” And she is right! As you step into your entrepreneurial self, keep these three things in mind to keep the overwhelm at bay and rock your new venture.

1. Balance is key.
As women we are entrepreneurs and career driven, but we also have families, spouses and other responsibilities outside of work. Demands come from all angles and can leave us feeling pressured to abandon something we hold dear. Making sure to prioritize your time when you’re at work or at home is a helpful strategy. Be present where you are and focus on the task at hand – even if it means building Legos or playing with slime.

2. Break it down.
Large projects and even daily requirements can be broken down. Where can you delegate? Where can you set aside? Overwhelm happens when we allow our brains to be filled with #allthethings and struggle to process each item individually. By breaking down projects into smaller parts, we can get more done and enjoy being less stressed.

3. Plan ahead.
“I start my day early – 4:30am – to give my brain the time it needs to wake up, process and prep for the day,” says Stephanie Hunt, owner of The Savvy Peach and Paradigm Workhub member. “By tackling the day early, I feel ahead of the curve before my day even really starts.” Rethink your day. Change your habits and start your day organized!

Being a successful entrepreneur, mompreneur or career businesswoman means there will be increasing demands placed on your time. You must learn how to manage these requests for your time, keep your balance, break requests down and plan ahead to keep yourself from being stressed or overwhelmed. By taking care of yourself first, you’ll be the best at every task you tackle.